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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 15, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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. whatever you're in the mood for,
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sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun. it's all of a sudden. >> yes. >> the continued investigation into a body found inside the trunk of a car not far from the state university. good afternoon i'm, campbell is
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off today. a pan found dead inside a car that was illegally parked has been identified this morning as investigators say they found some new evidence inside the car car. ktv. >> reporter: this is the area where the car was found right near this area. the car that was parked attracted the attention of sonoma county deputies last night at about 6:30 deputies stopped to investigate a parked car. it was park illegally. it was on the stretch of the road near the avenue on the edge of the sonoma state campus. investigators say it was what they saw inside that prompted them to search the vehicle. >> as they were looking, the interior of the vehicle they noticed there was some blood inside of the -- on the front driver's side of the vehicle which led them to further investigate and they went into the trunk and they found a
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body. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies went on to say the body is that of a 31-year-old man. this was the scene when they count the older sedan away last night. investigators say the car was associated with a person wanted for questioning in a crime in sonoma county on friday night. investigators wouldn't say more about that but did say the man in the trunk had previous run ins with the law. they'll do an autopsy but this is considered an homicide. what we've learned about the crime scene is the blood found inside the car was not the blood of the victim, that was somebody else's blood so they have a will the of sorting out to do. this is as i said considered a homicide. ktvu channel 2 news. oakland's police chief mind your say they're taking action to stop the surge in violence after four people were killed and 11 were wounded over the
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weekend. much of the violence is attributed to a feud between two rival groups sparked by the death of a young woman last summer. the chief said the games have been responsible for about 90% of city's violent crimes in the past 6 to 8 months. >> we know there's probably 1 or 2% of the population that causes violence we're very focused on them. >> chief jordan says declaring a state of emergency wouldn't help because the department is already getting assistance from the chp, apf and u.s. marshals. plan to add 100 people to patrol while holding more police academies firing sheriff's deputies. oakland city council is set to vote to want on $250,000 contract to hire former los angeles police chief william bra ton as the consultant. he's responsible for harsh police policies in los angeles and new york and they're planning a 5:00 protest at the plaza before the meeting. a man accused of killing 5
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phymata home in san francisco's ingle side neighborhood appeared in court. he's charged with five counts f murder stemming from the killings of three women and two men at a home at discovery hearing today the judge continued proceeding. he's pleaded not guilty. he has been unable to post bell in custody. firefighters battle with complicated by clutter inside the home. you can see the heavy smoke and flames from news chopper 2. the 3 story house ignited about 9:00 this morning. firefighters say the homeowner is not actually living in the home so there were no injuries. firefighters are investigating suspicious fire. that started just before 4:00 this morning at a vacant building along the waterfront. >> there's nobody living on the peer, there are no sources of electricity or obvious sources of ignition, it will be under investigation.
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>> crews say the fire was difficult to put out. there was another fire in the very same area 2 years ago. a big truck hit and killed a woman this morning while she was in a crosswalk. it happened about 7:00 a.m. at the intersection of north foothill boulevard and the road. santa clara county's sheriff deputy said the driver did stop at the scene and is cooperating with investigation. witnesses say the woman appeared to be elderly investigators have not released her name or age. there are new details about the oil tanker that hit the bay bridge last week. we've learned that the bar pilot changed course before sideswiping the bridge tower. the pilots told the news group the pilot made a last minute turn before the impact. the pilot had planned to go between the c and d powers for some unknown towers switched. received ray mar then struck the fender system barrier around the e tower.
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facebook invited media from around the world to its headquarters to announce a new product. janine with inside facebook headquarters and joins us live now. janiece. >> we're here in the facebook parking lot where a news conference just ended. national media was out here to cover that. he came out with a big smile on his face and introduced what he called the coolest thing we've done in a while. no broadcast video cameras were allowed inside showing graph search. this is an improved search function that allowed you to search for content that has been shared with you. facebook users can do a we arey that allows them to find specific content. so for in friends who like star wars and harry potter, all of your friends who like those would pop up. if you're searching for restaurants in san francisco liked by friends, a list of restaurants would come as well as its address and that
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restaurant's rating. the same applies if you want to search for photos taken before 1985 all would show up. we attended the -- we asked who attended. >> i don't think it lived up to the hype. it's a beta, beta. they're taking baby steps here. what this is all about a clear marching path towards google dominance of web search. >> this is a demo video of how graph search works facebook has partnered with bing to show web search results facebook can't find on graph search. now right now graph search is only available in beta today. it's a limited roll out. he said it's only available about hundreds or thousands of people. it will be available to everyone in the coming weeks and months and. as far as what the future holds for graph search. they they hope to make it available on mobile devices in all languages and also to include post in the graph
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search. reporting live ktvu channel 2 news. this morning san jose state university announced a pilot progress to offers. governor jerry brown was on hand for the announcement two hours ago t. university is partnering with a silicon val can company to provide the courses that will start later this month. the project will begin with just three classes in entry level math. they'll be open to anyone and will cost $150. starting out to trade their guns for cash, why this gun buy back program turned out to be more popular than organizers expected. it was another chilly start to the day, coming up ross koa will tell you when warmer weather will arrive in the bay area. a proposal to rename san francisco international airport
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lawmakers are set to vote today on a bill that will give new york the strict gun control in the nation. the state senate passed it last night. it includes a ban on assault weapons and magazines that hold more than 7 rounds. it has measures to keep the mentally ill from getting guns.
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>> mental health professionals will be required to report dangerous patients, people who say -- people the mental health professionals believes are a danger to themselves or others. right now police in the bay area are trying to get guns off the streets by giving out cash to anyone who brings a firearm into police. new at noon alex is live at the gun buy back with a look at how many guns have come in so far, alex. >> well, so many people came down today to try and trade in their guns that do the distthey the donated money they were giving away and at this point they are offering people vouchers. ious for their guns today. huge turn out for first of its
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kind gun buy back program. the district attorney told me, collects as many guns as possible, he believes will save lives. >> many people told me this morning they're in weapons they haven't used in years, some motivated by last month's school massacre in connecticut and they see their guns as a liability. >> i don't use in my head. and i if i can get it, you know, make my life a little easier, that's fine. >> you hear a lot of stories about, you know, the neighbor kid, breaks in your house, get the gun, stuff like that, they cost a lot of money to get a
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gun safe if you're not using it . the birthday, a man who stood for nonviolence. >> i can't think of a better symbol to use with regard to the fact that what we're trying to do is take weapons off the streets out of the homes, you know, i think if he was with us today he would support the idea. >> right now police officers are accepting guns at five different locations. all of that money came in from donations but again as we just mentioned, all of the cash has run out.
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so these folks here will be given vouchers, essentially iou and the district attorney's attorney's office hoping that more donations will come in so the folks came down to turn in their guns today will eventually that cash they came for. alex, aktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks so much. a man responding to a craig's list ad for a iphone was robbed at gun point. it happened around 7:00 on clayton road. the suspect listed an iphone 5 for sale online. but when he met the victim police say he pulled out a gun and stole the victim's cash. the suspect was later arrested. he's identified by police as 19- year-old. san jose's out going police chief will be temporarily replace bad i the deputy chief. he's been in charge for field operations for the san jose police department. now he's appointed him to take over as chief on an interim basis just days before the current chief retires. he's set to step down at the end of the week.
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city manager said she needs more time to search for his successor. this morning authorities have confirmed that a body found in the creek is that of a missing man. the body has been identified as 23-year-old anthony dollal son. they stopped -- donaldson they stopped him on suspicion of drunk driving on christmas eve. he was found monday night just south. police are investigating whether two recent bank robberies were committed by the same person. these are photos that we have west on san francisco boulevard and francisco rather on january. described as white man in his 30s weighs 160 to 200 pounds with a muscular built. the description is similar to p person suspected of robbing another branch in last thursday. the new theater will turn into a one screen operation for the next 3 months.
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the theater plans to close three upstairs screens starting this friday while a new elevator is installed. the work was scheduled about the complaints about the current elevator which could lift one wheelchair at a time. the city council has voted in favor of closing a store after months of controversy. the property zoned for residential use only. it's placed that's being grandfathered in. the residents who protested several times argued that the 7/11 should not have been allowed to open in the first place. the store owner is considering a lawsuit to over turn the council's decision. in just a few hours david is expected to introduce legislation to rename san francisco international airport after he gave rights leader. he became one of the first openly gay men elected to public office in the united states when he joined the san francisco's board of supervisors in 1977. one year later was assassinated at city hall.
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some people told ktvu they do not want the airport to be renamed but others liked the idea of naming it. >> i think it's really important that people understand who he was and what he did. >> hopefully residents of san francisco have always known that this city is going to take a leadership role and if san francisco won't do it, who will. >> supervisors could vote on the proposal in 2 weeks. if it passes an amendment would go before voters in november. the cost of renaming could run between 50 and $250,000. new information about the pilot of a plane that disappeared carrying the ceo. the plane vanished on january 4 january 4th. today italy's national air safety agency said the plane's owner did not have a certificate to operate and that the pilot's psychological fitness expired. it was carrying his partner, another couple and two crew members. well, a crowd could be
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showing up at your local supermarket. today is crowd fishing. the season was supposed to start last month but it was delayed three times after state inspector said they didn't -- crabs didn't have enough meat on them. they've not developed enough. the commercial season will be cancelled. but it's a start. that showing you a few high clouds we'll show you where those are coming from in just a moment. 50 degrees san francisco, still struggling in the 40s over parts of the north at santa rosa mid to upper 40s, walnut creek 49. 36 degrees right there at the top. 512 and sanare moan down into the south bay.
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40s to low 50s outside for you. san jose 50 looking at 49 at fremont. 53 for sunnyville and along the peninsula at this hour. 51 degrees memo park. 54 at the hills. temperatures will continue to climb as we get into the afternoon, not by a lot, but again we don't have a warming trend underway, a look here at the satellite view, so a few high clouds just spilling over the bay area for today. these brought in by the flow at that ridge of high pressure we've been watching for the last few days, it is now edging inland and it is going to be bring us offshore breeze. you can see here from the arrows that where that flow sending us a few high clouds as well. for today following that chilly start as frost advisories, we're looking at slightly warmer temperatures for the afternoon, light wind and air quality will remain good to moderate. here is a look at the afternoon highs expected for today. 57 degrees in santa rosa. 56 for you berkeley.
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57 in oakland. san francisco checking in at 53. down into santa clara valley it was warm into the mid-50s for san jose. 54 in morgan hill. 57 this afternoon with mostly sunny skies in santa cruise. presentee of sunshine out there. take a look at your extended forecast. we do begin a warming trend. the overnight lows will remain cool but not painfully cold what we have been. temperatures slowly climb as we get into the weekend and for some of us it's a holiday weekend with mlk on monday. look at those numbers we bounce into the 60s that's where we stay for saturday and sunday. >> it's nice to see 60s up there. >> thanks rosemary. >> you've got it. >> well in tahoe casinos are cleaning up after the low temperatures caused flooding yesterday. the tahoe does fire marshals says temperatures of 11 degrees below zero. the main 18 story tower were
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flooded. elsewhere two sprinkler has broke at harvey's casino and pipe burst at loading dock. so some growers say there's a sunny side to the cold weather. the recent low temperatures are helping the mandarin orange season. >> if you can get the mandarins as close to a frozen as you can but not frozen, the trees put sugar into the fruit and it increases the quality of the fruit. produce experts say most people are concerned, though, about other citrus fruits freezing. there's a billion dollars worth of citrus trees in california. a bay area braces the covers of this week's edition of sports illustrated. plus oprah speaks out about her interview with lance armstrong.
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the dow up slightly. facebook shot taking a slight dip after today's announcement of graph search. the dow jones industrial average up slightly up .22%. lance armstrong may have new legal problems now that he's reportedly come clean about the use of performance enhancing drugs after a decade of denial he confess today doping during an interview yesterday with oprah winfrey. she said he came to the interview was prepared and forthcoming when she asked him in detail. >> i would say he did not come clean in the manner that i
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expected. it was surprising to me, i would say that for myself by team all of us in the room, we were mesmerized and rivetted by some of his answers. >> according to an attorney familiar with armstrong's legal problems the justice department is likely to draw a whistle blower lawsuit. it could result in him paying a substantial amount of money to u.s. government. the attorney entered a not guilty plea. lohan's attorney entered the plea to three charges filed over a june accident in which lohan car slammed into a dump truck. she's accused of lying to police about driving the car as well as reckless driving and obstructing police. she was on probation at the time and could face up to 245 days in jail. san francisco 49er is the latest 9ers to land on the cover of sports illustrated. as you can see his picture is
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accented by the headline, here on the cover spot after record breaking performance where he ran for 181 yards and two touchdowns. he threw for two touchdowns and other 9ers who have graced include, jerry rice and steve. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. there are huge lines and lots of guns we showed you earlier the program going on right now to get weapons off the streets and why organizers chose this specific date. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks and be sure to join us again at 5:00. have a great day. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óio0
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